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There is an Order to Things
May 2017

“The first fingernail crescent of moon rising in a pale turquoise sky takes my breath away. Always a surprise. Like something elegant and delicate, only seen in the early part of the night. The first glimpse represents so many things but not one that is forlorn or done. This is the new moon, the crescent a sign as old as humanity, of renewal. Of a recognisable cycle. Trusted. My first tattoo was a crescent moon, inked into my pectoral by hand by one of my initiates while I lived in the shadow of Mount Kooroocheang. The needling took three nights, and hurt, but the experience changed me. Deep within my DNA I felt the ancestral people of the woman that birthed me. And because I felt thus, so would the roots of trees, horses and owls, bat clouds and the mountains in Connemara. The Pennines of the northern tribes of the Britons.

I was inked after many years of studying the ways of my possibly Celtic ancestors. Priteni. The painted people. They ink-, soot- or ash-filled themselves with tattooing just as is done from Scandinavia to Samoa to Alaska to New Zealand to Japan, with the art of culture, status or clan. Just like that woman buried within the tundra in the Altai Mountains. But the practise became taboo. The Romans banned their soldiers from the procedure. The custom became a rarity due to the subsequent invasions of Celtic, Irish and European territories. Tattooing was non-Roman. Deemed barbaric.

There is an order to things however random they might seem: the moss and lichen covered rocks amongst the behemoth rowan trees just off the road in South Wales; the movement of the rivulet between one bank of blackberries and another. These movements are the earth mother’s art. She sucks up her centre, sometimes, and spews out ash plumes from volcanoes, higher than the mushroom cloud over Maralinga or Hiroshima, and we watch, thinking ourselves observers and commentators on a film set. But we are amongst her, we are her. And everything. Knowing this is the way of witch. I can send my secrets through tree roots and know the message will reach a destination. Unlike people who can be blind and lonely and caught within themselves, tree roots reach out and are connected. I could send a soft sense to a nightingale in China and the touch would be received.”

From Initiation, a Memoir. Available online or through Muses of Mystery, Melbourne.

Initiation | a Memoir is currently available as both hard copy and Ebook. For anyone who has ever been lost or confused. A different perspective from a person dwelling twixt worlds.
January looming to be tarot in Sydney. Aiming for the Edinburgh Samhain Fire Festival, then the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, late October to present the Otherkin Conference. Natural magic, heretical thinking and making a real difference in the world as we know it. Updates as they occur.


INITIATION | a memoir reflects on the moral and ideological changes of the last sixty years. Written in a perennial voice de Angeles, witch and scholar, rewilds her own story and transforms cultural stereotypes into the language of myth.

“Witch people, like magicians and sorcerers, conjurers, druids and hoodoo hexers, like cunning women and cunning men, kadaicha, shaman, manitou, angakok, curandera, bruxa, enchanters and shapechangers are needed in this world. They are the stories not bound by dogma or displayed as relics in a museum. They cause disquiet. They summon questions but it’s not their way to give answers. They take us to the wild and the frightening places. The cave entrance under the ice at the base of that crevasse. Blue handprints on the rock face imprinted with an ochre of confusion. By people we cannot name and from a time we cannot confirm. Once Upon a Time people. People of the reindeer. Volcano people.” Born in 1951 and put up for adoption, de Angeles was sold by the church for £300. She was always going to be a problem.
November 24th 2016, Melbourne launch.


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