Photography Arian Levanael (2013)

I wish to acknowledge the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation in whose country I now live.

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Almost Meán Samhraidh (Midsummer here in Australia).

Summer in Gondwana is akin to the harshest winter in the north. It's a time of death. They are eerily similar. We are this earth. Species (includung us) also have seasons of living and dying. Happens all the time, we just need to recognise them. Mostly people don't. It's easy to get caught in emotions of self and our own species angst and cultural paradigms, rather than recognise where one is/we all are on the wheel and within the world of myth.

I will be cleaning up When I See the Wild God over the next few months and releasing sections/all to those who want it.
The fiirst of the stories is of Midsummer. Go HERE

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Newest publication... not for the feint-hearted. Just me invoking my inner-maniac and for the sheer pleasure of working a different style: The Crime Factory Issue 16 (also available in hard copy).

In 2015 I will still be travelling for Tarot, between Byron, Sydney and Melbourne but my colleague, Kate Pasz, has moved to Burringbah, just north of Mullumbimby, and I recommend her no bullshit approach.

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