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News - December 2016

Free live-feed workshop - 3rd December 2016
Celtic Mysticism and Spirituality – An Indigenous Experience of the Ancient Britons

We live in an era of wanting to know ourselves. Many have sought the spirituality of other cultures, ashamed that we, as a pale people, do not have a heritage of rich mysticism within which to recognise ourselves, unable, as a pale people to share our stories in mutual respect. Ashamed for what our forebears have inflicted on every indigenous nation they have invaded. Unable to claim family except in thin parental groups with Christianised histories.

We were there before that. Kindred of the emerald countries and the great lakes and moors, of the highlands and boglands and white chalk cliffs. Hunter gatherers and keepers of lore. Makers of ale and uiske beatha. Wearers of gold and forgers of iron. The people of the horse. The hound. The hawk.

Based on de Angeles’ 2015 book Priteni, the Decimation of the Ancient Pagan Britons this shamanic, initiatory and trance experience will shatter your ideas of spiritual and kinship isolation. The indigenous Priteni Celts are almost always written off in the past tense, mistakenly assuming that we have died out.

The invasions and slaughter, and subsequent colonisation of indigenous people and their lands, worldwide, have seen the attempt to eradicate the lore, law, customs, language, culture and spirituality of any of those people. In many instances they attempt to assimilate the natives by effectively breeding them out.

Blue People delivers the soul of an ancient and magical people, their valour and humour, the battles they fought to maintain an ancient way of life, and that still lives.

To many this will be the first time they have known about any of this; about de Angeles people, the Catuvallauni, perhaps your people also, let alone a celebration of kinship.

You will be drawn into a lived experience of the proud and harrowing story of your probable ancestors. Those of other ethnicities and ancestry are invited to participate. The sharing of deep story is a way of destroying the barbed wire that has separated us with what is called Shifting Baseline Syndrome, a deep and sad forgetting.


INITIATION | a memoir reflects on the moral and ideological changes of the last sixty years. Written in a perennial voice de Angeles, witch and scholar, rewilds her own story and transforms cultural stereotypes into the language of myth.

“Witch people, like magicians and sorcerers, conjurers, druids and hoodoo hexers, like cunning women and cunning men, kadaicha, shaman, manitou, angakok, curandera, bruxa, enchanters and shapechangers are needed in this world. They are the stories not bound by dogma or displayed as relics in a museum. They cause disquiet. They summon questions but it’s not their way to give answers. They take us to the wild and the frightening places. The cave entrance under the ice at the base of that crevasse. Blue handprints on the rock face imprinted with an ochre of confusion. By people we cannot name and from a time we cannot confirm. Once Upon a Time people. People of the reindeer. Volcano people.” Born in 1951 and put up for adoption, de Angeles was sold by the church for £300. She was always going to be a problem.
November 24th 2016, Melbourne launch.


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