I acknowledge the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation as the First Nation in whose country I now live. Constitutional recognition and Treaty.


Llughnassa Southern Hemisphere
2nd February 2017

Llughnassa marks the beginning of harvest. Despite the battle between summer and autumn we’ll know from next week that we, as earth, turn inevitably toward the long dark. Squash and zucchini and chili and tomato are ripening on the vine and the strawberries are done until next summer.

I’ll be in Byron Bay from late 2nd February till early 7th February but not for tarot this trip.
BLUE PEOPLE WORKSHOP is on again as part of a multi-indigenous festival called Blue Flame Dreaming

This is a shamanic, trance and initiatory experience of the indigenous people of Britain at the time of the invasion or Rome. Through to our seeming obliteration you will be drawn into the proud and harrowing story of quite probably your own ancestors.

To people of other cultures this is de Angeles' way of offering healing; mutual recognition. Finally. You are invited and welcome to participate. The sharing of deep story is a way of destroying the barbed wire that has separated us with what is called Shifting Baseline Syndrome, a sad and intollerable forgetting. Of calling us home.


Ly de Angeles, host and knowledge holder, has studied the history, lore, mythology, customs and cultural affiliations of the Priteni for over 40 years only to be informed, through extensive geneology, that the strongest taproot in her own bones links her directly to an ancient grandfather, Caradoc ap Cunobellus, chieftain of the Catuvellauni tribe, leader of the guerilla war band attempting to expel Rome. She also has a two thousand year long Brigantian ancestry. With this information she has encapsulated the knowledge of years into a concise, albiet brutally honest personal experience, never taught in schools but hidden in plain sight, written of by both Caesar and Tacitus.

A grueling but astonishingly rewarding and life-changing experience. Over two days. Day one is the guided experience. Day two, your free-falling shamanic experience through the roots of your own tree of life.

Tarot in both Sydney and Byron Bay April 2017.

Midsummer Solstice
Meán Samhraidh (2016) to Autumn Equinox - Meán Fómhair (2017)

For all my witchy friends whose lives are complicated by christmas: I've figured out the mess that is christmas because unless you're a practicing christian why would you do it?

It's because the people who took away the religion from the season knew what they were doing. They have lied to you. Even people in the southern hemisphere need a reminder of roots within the blood and sinew, deeply and unconsciously remembered. It's an ancestral phenomenon. Most have merely forgotten.

The Celt, the Saxon, the Norse, the Norman within you remembers. That the pine and fir are perennial, of all the European trees. But you did not cut it down in the long dark. You decorated it with holly in honour of the oak king. You had already rendered down the last of the stag fat and your cattle are indoors until Imbolg. You have already made the candles that will illuminate your houses through the long dark. One in each village window to light the shadows. A fire in the snow. Music, feasting.

Wearing finely tanned fur and gold and amber talismans. With family and friends. Probably from every village in a hundred miles. Atop that hillside. It's our culture, our heritage. And we don't mind sharing it with other cultures which is very cool. And I also get the goose on a 33 degree day in Australia (won't say turkey, that's way too messy).

I get it. If the consumerist model, all that wasted wrapping and anything at all plastic, were removed from the equation I'd REALLY get it. I would even decorate a tree unless it was cut down vicariously and not used for fuel for the remainder of the dark days. Santa? That just creeps me out beyond anything acceptable when you think about it. Who would allow an old obese man, a stranger, into their children's bedroom unsupervised in the middle of the night?

Initiation | a Memoir is currently available as both hard copy and Ebook. For anyone who has ever been lost or confused. A different perspective from a person dwelling twixt worlds.
January looming to be tarot in Sydney. Aiming for the Edinburgh Samhain Fire Festival, then the  Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, late October to present the Otherkin Conference. Natural magic, heretical thinking and making a real difference in the world as we know it. Updates as they occur.


INITIATION | a memoir reflects on the moral and ideological changes of the last sixty years. Written in a perennial voice de Angeles, witch and scholar, rewilds her own story and transforms cultural stereotypes into the language of myth.

“Witch people, like magicians and sorcerers, conjurers, druids and hoodoo hexers, like cunning women and cunning men, kadaicha, shaman, manitou, angakok, curandera, bruxa, enchanters and shapechangers are needed in this world. They are the stories not bound by dogma or displayed as relics in a museum. They cause disquiet. They summon questions but it’s not their way to give answers. They take us to the wild and the frightening places. The cave entrance under the ice at the base of that crevasse. Blue handprints on the rock face imprinted with an ochre of confusion. By people we cannot name and from a time we cannot confirm. Once Upon a Time people. People of the reindeer. Volcano people.” Born in 1951 and put up for adoption, de Angeles was sold by the church for £300. She was always going to be a problem.
November 24th 2016, Melbourne launch.


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