Photography Arian Levanael (2015)

I wish to acknowledge the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation in whose country I now live.

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JUNE 2015

Blessings to all for either your upcoming Midwinter or Midsummer. I wish you all the merriest.

My first feature-length screenplay, Coalblack, a crime/supernatural thriller will be in development most of this year. I am, however, working on a revised edition of When I See the Wild God. Aplogies to those of you asking for it right now. It requires work as my ideologies have changed.

Comeuppance is my latest short story, not for the feint-hearted. Just me invoking my inner-maniac and for the sheer pleasure of working a different style: The Crime Factory Issue 15 (also available in hard copy).

In 2015 I will still be travelling for Tarot, between Byron, Sydney and Melbourne but my colleague, Kate Pasz, has moved to Burringbah, just north of Mullumbimby, and I recommend her no bullshit approach.

Have a glorious year. Create, laugh, make magic and love. May you be well fed and live well.

Ly x







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Paperback and Kindle

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Paperback and Kindle

Paperback and Kindle

Paperback and Kindle