Photography Arian Levanael (2015)

I wish to acknowledge the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation in whose country I now live.

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Blessings all for Saturday/Sunday! Beltane feasting to go ahead as planned on Saturday night with lobster and other delights. I'll record it on the Witches Kitchen or upload the recipes to my Almost Paleo blog. To those in the great North feast to the land and our love to your ancestors.

I'll be in the Northern Rivers visiting the stronghold of mages for a week and also reading tarot every day. There from 18th November to 25th November. Booked out already but there's a cancellation list if you'd like to get on that. Not everyone has paid the deposit to secure their places.

Newest work, Priteni, is now available in paperback, and via Kindle. See below for description.

PRITENI is a history story. Whilst being a scholarly work it is not written in dry rote academic verbage as are so many others relating to the so-called ancient Britons. I am not the person to do so as all of you know. The story of Priteni (Britons), just prior to our cultural extinction 2,000 years ago, and absorbtion of annhialation subsequent invasions, is incredibly rich and very long-lived. Yet hardly anyone alive knows it. Do you know who the Silures are? Are you one of them? Are you Catuvellauni? Tacitus is owed a vast song of praise for his accounts that attest to this history. Without his Annals we would have vanished forever. This book is for anyone interested in the indigenous, pagan Britons. This is important because we seem to have no stories to share with other indigenous cultures and that is not good enough. Genealogy, particularly in the computer age, has opened the floodgate to our ancestry. To our deeper roots. This paper/book is the result of thirty years research that only recently became necessary to put down on paper. I have done so because one of the heros is a great, great grandfather. I have revered him and spoken of him for a long time and to find him on my tree of life was jaw dropping. We are all related. Every one of us, every species, every tree, stone and star. Remembering that is such a liberation.

Synopsis -

Many books have attempted to present the paganism of Britain. Most have failed for one simple reason. The indigenous people of tribal Priteni are discussed in the past tense, mistakenly assuring the public that they have long since died out.

The brutal invasion and slaughter, and subsequent colonisation of indigenous people, worldwide, has seen the attempt at eradication their lore, law, customs, language, culture and spirituality. In many instances the invading hegemonies attempt assimilation by effectively breeding them out.

De Angeles delivers the magic,culture, craft, legends, heroes and grief of a people stricken. The soul of an elder lore.To many this will be the first time they have even heard of these people, let alone celebrated their kinship.


Comeuppance is my latest short story, a crime thriller, not for the feint-hearted. Just me invoking my inner-maniac and for the sheer pleasure of working a different style: The Crime Factory Issue 15 (also available in hard copy), winner of the GritLit writers' competition, Hamilton, Canida, 2015.

Food blog: Almost Paleo/Living Grain and Sugar Free for your delight and kitchen magic. Please come join me.

I'm working at getting back up to the Northern Rivers before the year is out but otherwisw go see Kate Pasz in Burringbah.
Also Sydney so keep me in the loop.

May you be well fed and live well.

Ly x

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Paperback and Kindle

Paperback and Kindle

Paperback - revised 2012

Paperback and Kindle

Paperback and Kindle

Paperback and Kindle