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As a kid I grew up by the coast in Sydney, Australia, lost amongst the rocky cliffs between Balmoral Beach and Chinaman's Cove. I don't remember anything much between the years of 3 and 11 but I think that's because most of the time I was exploring. I so know I became a book addict.

When I turned 11 everything started to happen! I won Book Week of the Year for Australia, got my photo taken with the mayor of Mosman and was awarded a pictorial dictionary which, of course, I read from cover to cover because it was, after all, a book.

My grandmother moved into the house with me, my sister and our mother. My grandmother's name was Marionna Potter and she hailed from Co. Cork, Ireland originally, was well-travelled and ran the Rembrandt Hotel in Kings Cross back when the Cross was cool. She read cards and tea-leaves and rocked my world. Other things that year? Two near-death experiences (drowning and electrocution), the reading of "A Hundred and One Ghost Stories" to name just one book of the supernatural genre; I had a strange, ghostly visitor in the dead of night (he wore a top-hat and an over-coat) and I held my first seance. Oh, I also started to get interested in boys.

My teen years are a blur. It was the 60's so who remembers too much? I do remember Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King dying and could recite The Ballad of Reading Gaol, by Oscar Wilde, in its entirety. I spent Sundays at protest rallies to bring the troops back from Vietnam, loved the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Hendrix, art galleries, hanging with the crowd in Rowe Street and reading poetry in sultry coffee shops. I wrote a lot of poetry back then but, so did everyone. I stopped doing seances when they got really, really scary. I discovered sex and feminism. At 17 I began training with the Independent Theatre in North Sydney and hung out there for three years thinking I'd like to direct. I was still writing and, by then, up to my spiritual eyeballs in Witchcraft. Then at 20 I had my first child. Did that change my life very much? Well, I'd never known love like it so, of course, but otherwise ... nah.

All through my twenties I was writing, reading Tarot and doing Numerology; studying both my life's path, witchcraft, and everything Celtic. Well everything I could get my hands on really. I met anthropologist and author, Nevill Drury , during a stint at what was then Harper and Row and he was, apart from a very good friend, responsible for the publication, many years later, of my first book The Way of the Goddess.

By the time of my Saturn Return I was reading Tarot and had my own rather large coven.Not long after that I got it together with a partner and had two more children. We moved south to the highlands of Victoria, I started another coven and also began the workshops that came to be known as Tarot Collectives where I taught many, many people over many years, had two books published and learned silversmithing from the esteemed master of metal, Russell Pethebridge of Yandoit in Victoria.

In 1991 I made the most important move of my life - to Byron Bay.

My Tarot clients followed me and others found me. I also began studying martial art: Hapkido, Aikido and Iaido. I began more Tarot Collectives, averaging two a year, and wrote more books. I also joined the gym and wrote a handbook on nutrition and body-building.

Yep, that was me then.

I also began organising events and productions, beginning with The Wild and Wise Women's Festival. That was a blast except there were no men.

After that a few of us sat around and had a hard-arsed rant about St Patrick and how the early Catholic church in Ireland (everywhere really) banned music, arts, clothing styles, traditional living and language, so a few of us decided to hijack St Patrick's Day that year and have a street festival knowing that a community's village green is the place where differences should just be thrown away.

It was a nobody pays, nobody profits day. A chance for the community to come together without having to think about the cost. Live bands from morning till night, food everywhere. We had a street parade and over 3,000 people joined in ... and not one scerrick of rubbish anywhere when it was all over.

I went on to:

  • 2000 - Jesus Christ Superstar Director (a very pagan version, A+I Hall, Byron Shire)

  • 2000 - Witchcraft Theory and Practice was released worldwide
  • 2001 - Romeo and Juliet, A Contemporary Version Co-director with Serenity de Angeles (A+I Hall, Byron Shire)

  • 2001 - Began training Iaido (Martial Art: Japanese Sword), became a sensei a few years later.

    2002 - Jesus Christ Superstar II Director/Performer, Concept Design (Byron Shire) Season Two.

  • 2002 - Vertical (Youth Activity Centre Production, Byron Shire) Coordinator

  • 2004 - When I See the Wild God was released worldwide
In 2004 I did a world tour that included, specifically and wonderfully, Ireland, but also took me to Cornwall, Wales, Switzerland, France and USA.
  • 2005 - The Quickening was released worldwide and won an award for best visionary fiction.
Then in 2005 I did the booklaunch for The Quickening in Ireland, had too many amazing and magical experiences to list here and read copious Tarot all up and down the west coast of Ireland.

I started writing the next book, The Shining Isle.
  • 2006 - The Shining Isle was released worldwide
  • 2007 - Tarot Theory and Practice was released worldwide (November)
  • 2008 - Tarot Theory and Practice was released in Australia
  • 2012 - Magdalene was released worldwide

Most recently (2010 - 2012)

I I formed my own production company, Full Story Productions.

I have written and directed two short films, The Redemption of Joe Frame


and we are in post-production of a documentary called NOBODY that that explores the fine line between mysticism and madness that many people walk, and that many fall from, a big problem in our shire, a chance to seek solutions amongst a massive representation of the local community after just one too many suicides and drug-related deaths.

I have also produced a music clip for Irish-Australian Liam Macgiollarua, of Byron Bay
called A Fool Like Me

2012 th long-time-coming Magdalene was released worldwide.

What am I passionate
about?The art of clear communication, history, mythology, the legends of 'Celtic' ancestry, debating with strong-willed, good-humoured people, all the wild things and all the wild places, the sea, the sea, the sea, and a sense of humour. I'm known to be rather outspoken on matters pertaining to the sustainability and guardianship of earth and the rights of all species to self-determination and I prefer the company of animals to most people.


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