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WITCH (2018) (New Release)
Ly de Angeles

Witchcraft is not a religion. We do not worship. To know more is to read these pages. This gathering of lore, mostly Celtic, as well as contemplations and life-asserting training, spans fifteen years of the author’ life.

It is hoped that this work will assist those who identify as witch - those still trapped by the bigotry and condemnation of societal stereotyping - to be true to their practices. To no longer feel the need to justify. This is for my friends, all over the world, who have long informed me they don’t want, or need another 101, or ‘how to’ manual.

Come, sit with me. The woodstove is warm, and the candles are lit. I’ll make us both strong coffee, or I’ll shoot you a whisky if you’re so inclined. Put your bare feet up on my table, or the hounds’ll make you wish you’d taken the advice.

Make yourself at home and... stick around a spell.


Ly de Angeles & Melaine Knight

The year is 2156. Dystopia. Misrule. Pirates, badlands, transdrones, cowboys, rebellion. THE SKELLIG is a story of hope and redemption where hard tech and stainless steel meet legend and myth.

The skellig's name is Gamble. She's all woman. Most of the time. On the black of the moon she's another creature altogether, a praying mantis. A deal she made, with the soul of earth known as the Grace, a few thousand years ago. Sometimes, over a couple of days, she's a bit of both.

A desperate escape north is the only hope for thousands of runaways. Guided by an indigenous and immortal starman, the shapeshifting skellig, a Maori mystic named Mukata and Terrence, a scientist who should be the enemy but is not, they make the journey.

Bull and Rattlesnake Lil drive the Airstream, called the Midnight Express, packed to the rafters with escapees and hybrids. Alice, in his armored all-terrain tank, raises his rainbow pennant on a fifteen foot high middle-finger to the drone swarms overhead. A militarized force, not far behind, is intent on annihilation. Freedom is beyond the northern border, a mighty, raging river, guarded by a mythic race called Álfur. It is live free or die trying.



Initiation | a Memoir reflects on the moral and ideological changes of the last sixty years. Written in a perennial voice de Angeles, witch, rewilds her own story and transforms cultural stereotypes into the language of myth.“Witch people, like magicians and sorcerers, conjurers, druids and hoodoo hexers, like cunning women and cunning men, kadaicha, shaman, manitou, angakok, curandera, bruxa, enchanter and shapechanger are needed in this world.

We are the stories not bound by dogma or displayed as relics in a museum. We cause disquiet. We summon questions but it’s not our way to give answers. They take us to the wild and the frightening places. The cave entrance under the ice at the base of that crevasse. Blue handprints on the rock face imprinted with an ochre of confusion. By people we cannot name and from a time we cannot confirm. Once Upon a Timepeople. People of the reindeer. Volcano people.” Born in 1951, a bastard, de Angeles was sold by the catholic church for £300. She was always going to be a problem.


THE FEAST OF FLESH AND SPIRIT - Occult Poetica (October 2015)

Duende. Summoning. Evocative. Dangerous. A selection of poetry, prose, short story, conversation with angels and demons. Work spanning decades. Occult and shamanic. Reflections on every kind of ecstasy and agony. Open at any page. Like an oracle it tells you or entices you.

Leave behind the day-to-day-world of offices, mortgages, mansion or ghetto and enter the occult gates to where enchantment dwells. Dedicated to artist Lisa Engeman, who just made it out alive after a seemingly impossible surgical procedure to remove a brain tumor wrapped around her carotid artery, this book is a celebration of that moment. The one you’ve all had.


PRITENI - Celtic Lore (July 2015)

PRITENI is a history story. Whilst being a scholarly work it is not written in dry rote academic verbage as are so many others relating to the so-called ancient Britons. I am not the person to do so as all of you know. The story of the Priteni (Britons), just prior to our cultural extinction 2,000 years ago, our absorption and annihilation through subsequent invasions, is incredibly rich and very long-lived.

Yet hardly anyone alive knows it. Do you know who the Silures are? Are you one of them? Are you Catuvellauni? Many books have attempted to present the paganism of Britain. Most have failed for one simple reason. The indigenous people of tribal Priteni are discussed in the past tense, mistakenly assuring the public that they have long since died out.


THE SHINING ISLE - Magical Realism (Revised edition July 4 2013)

The island of Inishrún, small and forbidding, holds a deeply protected secret. It is home to the Sidhé, a magical race as old as the earth. This is their stronghold in a world that has forgotten them. Holly Tremenhere, sad and disillusioned with her life, travels across the wild sea to the island on the second-to-last ferry before winter closes the crossing.

She is there to unravel the mystery of who she truly is and the only living person who can tell her is her beautiful, estranged aunt, Mim. When developers intrude into the pristine peace of the island and wreak havoc Holly is thrust into the heart of a mystery, a time out of legend and an inheritance that will forever change her. One culminating in choices neither good or evil. Simply necessary. A magical but deadly redemption.


GENESIS - Fantasy/Future Mythic Realism (July 25 2012)

Beginning in 3030 this is the mysterious story of a Time Traveller. When does time cease to be relevant? When a year is measured by a season? A thousand years ago, in the middle of the twenty-first century, environmental chaos and seismic upheaval changed the face of the earth, and the people who populated it, forever. It had all been predicted.

Set in the red heart of what was once Australia the people of Kata Tjuta live in symbiosis with the land. Linked together telepathically through a Matrix they possess a library of extraordinary sophistication and are the hosts of some of the largest events in history. When yet another, altogether new prediction, heralded an experience way beyond anyone’s imagining only one person’s record of events survived.


THE QUICKENING - Magical Realism (Revised edition July 18 2012)
Winner of he COVR USA Visionary Fiction Award 2006.

Most people see the Irish Travellers as a ragged bunch of musicians, artists, and fortune-tellers crossing the country in an old double-decker bus in the new land, in the twenty first century, but these people are a secret. They are a race older than time, the Sídhe, the Fair Folk, almost immortal.

On an unforgettable night of murder and mayhem, Kathryn Shilton meets the Travellers and her life changes forever. She and her witch friend Merrin help the Sídhe find the ones responsible for the bombs, fires, and terror wrought on the Southside of New Rathmore. No one knows what’s really going on except, perhaps, a conspiracy of ravens.


MAGDALENE - Fantasy/Grail Legends (March 2012)

Spanning two countries and two peoples, both occupied by Rome MAGDALENE is the ‘Mary Magdalene’ in the tradition of the legends of the Holy Grail.

Set between Judea, Britain and the mists of Ireland Miriam, visionary and prophet, becomes a stranger to the woman she once was, stronger in the face of the savagery and brutality of war than she ever would have thought possible, closer than even she could have believed to the powers within nature to heal in the face of adversity. This is a controversial love story and an adventure into consciousness.



Is it possible, using nothing more than a pack of cards, to tap into a realm beyond time―a dimension in which the events of the "future" are revealed? Can you discover―and sometimes change―your destiny? Or, speak a prophecy aloud and affect events that have not yet been set in motion? Yes. In this ground-breaking and provocative work, professional tarot adept Ly de Angeles shares a wealth of knowledge, offering proven techniques for using the tarot to predict the future.

She presents theories on the nature of time and reality, exploring the connections between the tarot, the qabbalistic tree of Life, and quantum concepts. Throughout the book, de Angeles includes fascinating case histories and mind-expanding exercises. A comprehensive guide to tarot card meaning with several sample spreads will help you gain the skills needed to do readings for others.



Do pagan practices lead to an ecological approach to life? What is the role of magic in contemporary paganism? How can ancient Pagan codes of behavior be applied today?

Representing diverse arenas of paganism, eleven established activists, authors and academics passionately debate the critical issues facing modern pagans. These provocative discussions exploring feminism, magickal ecology, ancient Egyptian ethics, political activism, globalization, the power of truth, sacred communities, and environmental spirituality - challenge readers to reconsider what it means to be Pagan in the twenty-first century.



Deepen your knowledge of the Celtic mysteries. Enter the space where nothing begins and nothing ends. Reclaim your pagan heritage. A unique blend of witchcraft instruction, Celtic mythology and urban fantasy, this work goes beyond ordinary witchcraft manuals. Ly de Angeles provides insight into the Celtic perspective of magic, and presents invocations, visualizations, and urban rituals for the equinoxes, solstices, and the four fire festivals.

Literary, eclectic, and infused with a masculine sensibility, When I See the Wild God is your guide to the déithe and draíocht - the sidhe and magic that exist within and around you.


Currently in its 16th year this book remains a top seller. With more than four decades of experience she has learned how to bring the teachings alive, combining modern with ancient, so you can better understand the true potential and depth of witchcraft. Within the pages of this book you will find the secrets and techniques to become an adept witch.

These can be divided into three categories: philosophical disciplines, spiritual beliefs, and practical techniques. While leaning heavily on wiccan practices to enable the individual a recognisable beginning point (101) de Angeles asks that the reader question everything and move beyond outer material attributes to, over the coming years, embrace the living myth and become that which one learns. This book is a solid guide to the art of witchcraft.


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