The Skellig

“When opening a book by an award-winning author like Ly de Angeles, the anticipation rides high. By the end of the first paragraph I knew I was in for a treat. A few pages later, and I forgot myself completely, because there is only Gamble, and the enchanting, provocative world of The Skellig.”

Kim Falconer, Author, Crown of Bones

After finishing the last page, I wondered. Was that fiction? It seemed so real. The world-building is hauntingly beautiful, with every breeze, taste and scent a reflection of life as we know it, and dream it to be. 

Artist and editor Melaine Knight is also co-creator of many of the characters and design in the story and, together, these two women have built an absolutely believable world. The Skellig has a poetic and faultless plot, confirming deep notions of life, death, love and power over. It left me to ponder my own reverence for all life. Respect. Grace. 

But these are thoughts that came afterwards, when my mind had returned to me. Before that, there is only the ride, the suspense, wit and wisdom that had me nodding with agreement, gasping from fear and tearing up over what has happened in the world, too many times before. 

This book succeeds on every level. It entertains, calls to emotions one normally resists, and most of all, between the prose and extraordinary art, becomes a trusted friend. Once begun, you’ll never want it to end. Five stars out of five. Highly recommended.”