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Theory and Practice

ly de angeles witchcraft theory and practice

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Published by Llewellyn Worldwide USA in 2000 WITCHCRAFT THEORY AND PRACTICE is, almost 20 years later, still a major teaching success.

It can be divided into three categories: philosophy, spirituality, and practice

In the first section, you will:
– Learn meditation, visualization, telepathy, and personal power
– Self-analyse

In the second section:
– Work with the mysticism
– Explore the seasonal festivals of witchcraft
– Make and use the spell casting techniques
– Work a wiccan rite of self-initiation

In the final section, you’ll:
– Explore the use of psychic protection, shapeshifting, and banishing
– Astral projection
– Learn the interpreting of omens

While much of the practice is wiccan, the essence of this book is that of witch. The two can be experienced in syncopation but they are not the same thing. Wicca is religious whereas witchcraft, the work of a conjure person (as later books attest) is quite another thing.

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UPDATED | December 2018

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