Witchcraft Theory & Practice

Are you ready to open yourself to work the magic?  Bring beauty into your life and strength to your will? Then you’ll want to get Witchcraft: Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles. With more than four decades of living consciously in the way of witch she is an elder in the lore and vision it takes. De Angeles wakes witchcraft up, combining modern wicca with ancient animism, so you can better understand the way of witchcraft.


Within the pages of this book you will find the secrets and techniques for strengthening your knowledge witch. These can be divided into three categories: philosophical , mystical, and practical. Each gets a focus in this book.

In the first section, you will: 
– Learn meditation and how it can be used for ceremony
– Discover the secrets of visualization, telepathy, and personal power 
– Use the self-analysis techniques to uncover who you are, and never walk in anyone’s shadow

In the second section you can: 
– Uncover the essence of what is termed goddess and god
– Learn the seasonal festivals 
– Learn to make and use the instruments of witchcraft 
– Understand how to do ceremony (ritual), including a rite of self-initiation

And in the final section, you’ll: 
– Practice psychic protection, shapeshifting, and banishing 
– Understand astral projection
– Learn to interpret omens

This barely covers some of the information revealed in these pages. Written in a clear and concise style, this book will add to your knowledge of witchcraft. Whether you are new to the Craft or have been practicing for some time, Witchcraft: Theory and Practice will impart wisdom that will fascinate and entice. You will be using this book for many years to come.

This book is a Must Have, especially if you are an Australian witch, or one living in the Southern Hemisphere.”