Lore For the Unclaimed People

BRAVE. LORE FOR THE UNCLAIMED PEOPLE is the latest book by the niche bestselling author of  Witchcraft Theory and Practice, Llewellyn Worldwide, USA.

Image: Serenity de Angeles


De Angeles was sold under a church and state policy of the clean break closed adoption practices, rescinded in recent years as a result of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s National Apology For Forced Adoptions of 2013, and the admission of the Catholic Church for the same violation.

That might seem simple. It is not. De Angeles’ identity was erased. Heritage, family—flesh and blood ancestry—were replaced with a sanctioned, dishonest alternative. By people who just happened to have sufficient money to enabled them, privately, to buy a child. Even with the National Apology the trauma and confusion, of those who have survived, has yet to be fully redressed as a practice of the skin trade, not always benign.

From CROWHEARTED excerpt:

“When crow ate that bit of me, and set up home, I didn’t know anything was wrong. It was like this for everybody. Then I thought I was a mad kid. I didn’t know what ribbons of flight felt like, then. Not for years. Thought I’d died. I could have. I just never put it down to an experience I ever recognized from anybody else. When I was big enough, I wrote poetry. Things of the dead. Of god. Of fearing and wanting to know what it really means to not be. Why people kill each other. Even if they don’t think they do. Cruelty like that. Crows feed on stuff like that.

Crow instead of a heart. Had to figure out how to sing with that voice. Something like laryngitis. Like there were thorns in what I said when all of it was love. Talking crow comes out strange to lots of people, most of the time. And funny. Funnyfunny and dangerous together. Like chili-chocolate is, like desire for trinkets and bright, shiny-seeming friendships that turn bitter as easy as pissing.”

BRAVE. LORE FOR THE UNCLAIMED PEOPLE is a collection of magic: of both person and person-as-place; brutal, savage, funny.

De Angeles works with words like a sometimes cornered beast, and bites the unwary to the bone with an animist perspective; a wisdom that few come to in a lifetime less lived. De Angeles speaks to the person too embarrassed or confused to discuss trauma beyond the confines of the tarot cave. Too cowed to speak of without being labeled a victim.

ON BRAVERY excerpt:
“Brave is not something a person feels.
Neither is courage.
Neither is fearlessness. These are observations from the outside.
Inside is usually terror. Adrenalin. 
Bravery is an action necessary when there is no other choice.


BRAVE. LORE FOR THE UNCLAIMED PEOPLE is de Angeles’ 18th book.  Release date, Australia is, speculatively, 1st September, 2021, and will be available, worldwide, in both eBook and paperback soon after.

“I am baari-river-stone-carved veins, brooks and burns coursing from Solway Firth in the west to Tràchd Romhra—the Firth of Forth—choking a bit on the abandoned shopping trolleys, condoms, little orange-tipped syringes, cigarette butts, discarded Slushy cups and, occasionally but regularly, the body parts of some bloated, drug-fucked, forgotten, abandoned, mutilated and murdered dead. Dùn Èideann (Edinburgh) with the grand fortress made all of grandfather stone leaning down towards me calling Take me, take me now! On this epic excursion, from the Irish Sea, to the shock, and whale-mother-depths that human people call Muir Lochlainn far to the north where the finnock swim.”

De Angeles was granted freedom, through the NSW Supreme Court, Australia, on December 1st of 2020. It has taken just shy of 70 years to obtain.


De Angeles has been a professional tarot consultant for 41 years, and neither advertises nor promotes this. They have been mentioned in Archer Magazine, and won awards for both film and story, across genres (always a problem for traditional publishers). De Angeles includes, in BRAVE. LORE FOR THE UNCLAIMED PEOPLE, the recipe for breaking rules. 

Image Serenity de Angeles 2021