Is the future already written? Could it be that it isn’t and never was a straight line? Of course. I began a book in 1995. The book is called Genesis | The Future. Here is the prologue, written 25 years ago…

A kind of madness. Famine, brutality and unimaginable greed. Secrecy. Great plagues of untreatable virus and infection. The little-publicized ocean-dumping and landfilling of nuclear waste, and other toxins devastating to life, rising from where they’d been hidden, resulting in massive cell degeneration and deformities. Depression and despair unfolded like disturbed and warped wasps.

The seas were polluted, and the land was poisoned. The gaseous, vaporous shell protecting earth from the more vicious effects the sun began to perish. The race was on, by countries and governments united under the W.F.C. (World Federation of Corporations) to accumulate what they could without thought for the future, without compassion.

They declared war with those who protested against them. They didn’t understand that this, too, was destiny. Faceless governments sent men in black armor, weaponed to the hilt, to eradicate opposition. Initially, resistance was fierce, and over decades the propaganda machine turned people against themselves. In the passage of that age it became clear that what was at the base of their greed was the fountain-of-youth of living only for today. The quarry was the chess of possession and corruption, lying and denial.

Populations were drugged into submission, shamed by categorization, or imprisoned. There was no choice. People had already been conditioned to accept their livelihood from plastic cards and were—consciously or otherwise—enslaved to debt and stuff.

Creativity, art, individuality, and self-sufficiency were frowned on if they went beyond the boundaries set by a standard paradigm. Recreational activity took the form of audio-visual virtual reality, much of which used the insidiousness of advertising and social media to manipulate and influence choice. That, of course, and vast quantities of pharmaceutical drugs. And addiction to self-medication.

What was not realized, was how aware of all this the descendants of the ancestral mycelium now were. Human, and telepathically linked. In every country and in every way. What networking through technology and worldwide communication began, developed into the recognition of a nature matrix.

The new wave of cutting edge techno-scientists created a device called, in the old days, a prefrontal cortex integrative implant, providing direct access and download, through the matrix, to the earth grid. The flower, the spider web, this dragonline, this songline, linking millions of species with each other, through thought and sensation.

Then the Change. It took a massive toll of life, much of it human because in those days most people, in both the southern and northern hemispheres, lived in sprawling concrete and steel cities. Much of this had come crashing down as the magnetic tilt had occurred. Tsunamis devastated coastlines over low lying coastal areas around, and south of the equator. Many vast pockets of the northern lands were hurled with ice and snow and even now, when it’s not technically north like it was then, has not recovered. Damage rend enormous tracts of land as a result of seismic shifts.

The countries still controlled by the W.F.C. refused to close nuclear reactors and had fled for their lives as earthquakes ripped the land apart. Volcanoes blew their tops north and south and the earth heaved and screamed in the labor of her evolution.

Electrical storms zigzagged across the skies. The southern polar cap melted, land masses rose from the ocean bottom, and others dropped from sight beneath the turmoil of wild and raging seas. Over the coming decades desert became fecund, the southern pole became jungle and the ever-encroaching ocean took more and more land. Became quite deadly to travel within.

The country called Australia—the land of the people who took me in—has kept desert, mountains and forest to the coast and heartland, while much—but not all—of the coastal fringes were submerged and drowned. In the deserts underwater caches rose to the surface creating waterholes and lakes in abundance. Life was either very good or very bad. People changed, adapted and evolved. Remembered. This particular story has survived.

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